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Pigeon Tree

The Indigo Pigeon Complete Three Part Series of Candles

The Indigo Pigeon Complete Three Part Series of Candles

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"The Indigo Pigeon" by Pigeon Tree Crafting is a three part series of candles that are connected by a dark mystery. Within each candle's packaging, you will find a wax-sealed envelope that contains a letter. Take heed; this story is not for the faint of heart.

2022 update- candles will be shipping without the wax sealed envelope, instead the story will be digitally emailed. Thanks for your understanding!

Each Candle's story leads to the next location - and candle. While each candle can be enjoyed on its own, the story should be read in sequence to maximize the experience. Please begin with "The Study", then "The Woods", and finally "The Lighthouse".

Every candle is individually hand-poured using only natural soy wax and phthalate free fragrances.

"The Study" is a rugged fragrance with notes of Leather, Tobacco and Patchouli.

"The Woods" is an intoxicating scent, with notes of whiskey, cypress and smoke.

"The Lighthouse" is a a deep yet refreshing scent, with notes of Sandalwood, Lilac, Sea Salt, and Amber.

Hand poured in Los Angeles in small batches.

Story by Isaac Paul.

Each candle is 8oz.
~40 hour burn time per candle.

This listing is for the full three candle set, to purchase the candles individually, please see the listings here.

 "As I settled into this chair that Father had spent more time with than me, my senses were enveloped by a waft of leather and tobacco, and I wallowed in the uncommon silence within the house."

"I have many friends, and they are all the woods. "

"I began to traverse the steps, one loose board at a time; as if my nerves hadn’t already feebled my balance."

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