Shop Policies

All belts are Made to Order and custom sized. Explicit sizing instructions are provided on every belt listing. If a sizing error is made by the customer, no returns or exchanges will be possible. If I am responsible for the sizing error, the belt will be fixed or replaced at my expense.

Leathers stretch at different rates, I do my best to account for this stretch in my sizing. My goal is to provide you with a belt that will fit you well after years of wear. If a belt is small at first, this is probably intended, especially with leathers such as Horween Chromexcel.

Leather is a natural product, and some of the dyes that I work with are natural as well (such as indigo), this means that there may be some imperfections in the leather or the dye that are deemed an expected quality of such products and should be embraced as "wabi-sabi", a Japanese view on not only accepting, but appreciating the natural beauty in imperfections.

10 year warranty - if any products should fail due to faulty hardware or construction, I will fix or replace it. If the failure should occur within one year, I will pay for shipping both ways, after 1 year, the customer is responsible for returning the product to me.

Lifetime guarantee - belts made from my new Japanese made hardware are guaranteed for life. If the belt should ever fail under normal use, I will fix or replace it at my expense. Belts sold previously with the old hardware that was made in England will fall under the 10 year warranty referenced above.

Any metal plating wearing off or chipping is not covered under any warranty.