Quality Handmade Leather & Indigo Goods

Welcome to my one man shop! I handcraft my products right here in Denver, Colorado.

It is my goal that pride in craftsmanship will translate to pride in ownership.

  • All belts are guaranteed for life!

    Just a reminder that all belts that I currently make are guaranteed for life! I stand behind my work.

    Modern day heirlooms 
  • More leather choices for the Japanese Garrison belt!

    The Japanese Garrison belt listings have been consolidated and additional leather choices have been made available.

    A timeless belt style 
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A little bit about me!

Hi! My name is Isaac Paul and I'm the man behind the brand!

Pigeon Tree is a true one-person operation; from the crafting of the goods, to the packaging, shipping and marketing; it's all me!

The main inspiration behind my products is creating things that I either personally want to use, or that I would be excited about gifting a friend or a loved one.

I spend all my time looking forward and thinking about what I'm going to create next; I don't worry so much about what others are doing, or what's trending at any given moment. When you shop with me, not only can you count on a well made, unique product that will last, you can also expect to receive the best customer service in the business!

I care immensely about the experience that you will have with me and with my products. I stand behind my work 100%.

I hope you enjoy perusing my wares, please don't hesitate to reach out! There's no one here answering e-mails but me.

The best thing about instagram is how it allows me to connect with my customers, and in a lot of ways; make new friends. Follow me and stay in touch!

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My first appearance on a podcast!

It was incredibly fun to be a guest on Julie Slater & Jason Friday's podcast:
Cuz I have to... when living your dream is the only option.

Tune in below and hopefully find some interesting insights between the ridiculous amount of laughter.

Featured on the "Makers Who Inspire!"