Collection: 2024 Indigo Pre-Order

The 2024 indigo pre-order is LIVE and will run through till the end of the day on Sunday, May 26th. This is a once a year annual event and your one opportunity this year to purchase some of my famed indigo dyed leather goods.

ALL items within the Indigo Pre-Order will be Dyed and Made to Order and will not abide by the same queue time in my banner. I will begin fulfilling orders between September and November 2024. I repeat, no indigo orders will be fulfilled before September. If you add NON-indigo items to your order, they will be shipped together. I recommend ordering non-indigo items separately so they can ship earlier.

Previously I had indigo items available year-round. That method became difficult to sustain. Being that I do so much more than just work with indigo, maintaining an indigo vat year-round was difficult (especially now that I live in a state that goes below freezing part of the year!), as was setting time aside every week or two to go and dye just a couple of items. This method streamlines my process quite a bit and allows me to continue to offer my signature indigo pieces to the public!

Indigo dyed leather is extremely niche- be sure that you are aware of some of its quirks before purchasing: With leather and indigo dye both being natural products, there may be some inconsistencies in the hue and coverage of the dye. The dyeing process causes the leather to become quite dry- I treat it with Smith's leather balm before sending it out, but I recommend relatively frequent treatments early on to ensure that it does not become brittle and crack. Indigo WILL crock on your other items, the crocking will lessen over time, but be ready for this.

Order cancellation requests will be subject to a 4% restocking fee, as CC fees are not refunded to the merchant in the event of an order cancellation.