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Solid Indigo Snap Wallet Version 3

Solid Indigo Snap Wallet Version 3

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Left or Right Pocket?

This item is part of the 2024 Indigo Pre-Order! Please refer to the information here for delivery estimates.

When you buy something made from quality full grain vegetable tanned leather, you're buying it for life. And you can be sure that while it will last a lifetime, you can also be sure that it will never look quite the same. Natural leather like this is almost akin to a blank canvas, it will change and develop "patina" as it ages, the color will darken and richen as it absorbs the oils from your fingers and the indigo from your denim.

This is version 3 of my popular mid-wallet. I have further revised the opening on the flap side of the wallet to allow easier cash access, now plunging all the way down to the bottom corner. I have also modified the overall height of the wallet by an almost negligible amount. These changes are not pictured.

I wanted to create a wallet that resembled a trucker wallet, but didn't stick out of your pocket or feel cumbersome. I believe this wallet is the perfect balance between a standard bifold and a mid-sized trucker wallet.

This particular model has been entirely dipped solid indigo. If well cared for, the indigo will continue to darken as well along with the natural leather. Recommended care is to minimize sun exposure and treat often with Smith's Leather Balm or a similar wax based leather dressing

Indigo is a natural dye that is well known for its "crocking". This is especially prevalent in any of the solid indigo styles of wallet, you will experience indigo rubbing off onto anything placed into the pockets. This is far less common with partially dipped styles, where the card slots are not fully submerged in indigo. The outside of the wallet will not crock very much either, due to being rinsed and treated with leather balm. Any dyed leather will have dye rub off if intentionally rubbed with fabric.

I recommend treating relatively frequently with a wax based leather balm like Smith's.

6 side-loading card slots, 2 top-loading "hidden" pockets which are easily accessible even when closed (perfect for stuffing receipts) and a full-size billfold slot, plenty of room for you to burn a hole in your pocket with. Edges are hand burnished with natural bees wax. A stitched-in solid brass snap keeps the wallet closed, and will patina with that classic "bump" through the leather.

Available in left and right pocket variations.

All snap wallets now come with wallet lanyard rings, but the loops are easily removable so let me know if you don't plan on using a wallet lanyard, or you can remove it yourself with a couple of sets of pliers.


4.75" tall
3.5" wide (closed)
.5" thick
7" wide (opened)

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