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Pigeon Tree

Solid Raw Copper or Brass Pigeon Logo Pin

Solid Raw Copper or Brass Pigeon Logo Pin

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I have been wanting to make this type of pin for a couple of years now, and I could not be more thrilled to finally be able to present these to you!

These pins are made from RAW solid copper and brass, meaning there is no clearcoat on these and you can expect them to be patina monsters! I can't even tell you how many times my manufacturer clarified and stressed the fact that these will tarnish and recommended applying a clearcoat, luckily they came through and made exactly what I wanted!

The brass pin is polished to a high shine, while the copper has more of a brushed appearance. These things oxidize quickly, so they may show up with a bit of patina already starting to develop.

These pins measure approximately 1" tall by 1.25" wide. Secured by a brass clutch backing.

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