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PT X Smith's DIY Waxed Flesh Kit 8oz

PT X Smith's DIY Waxed Flesh Kit 8oz

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Now available as a standalone kit!

Smith's and I have developed a special blend of his famous leather balm that is still compromised of his classic 3 natural ingredient recipe of Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil, but we have modified the consistency of the blend to better work as a medium for creating a "waxed flesh" look.

The kit comes with an 8oz tin of this special wax blend, a wood brush for getting the wax into those hard to reach areas, and instructions on how to go about the waxing.

From our testings, this wax performs better than others on the market. The application process is straight forward and the instructions are easy to follow. Results may vary on a boot by boot basis, but on untreated rough-out, we have had great results. See the pictures for before, after and during shots.
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