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Pigeon Tree

Pigeon Tree X Santalum Collab No. 5 - The Klondike Teacore Service Boot

Pigeon Tree X Santalum Collab No. 5 - The Klondike Teacore Service Boot

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I have been wearing these in the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome contest for the couple of months and seeing them develop a patina is such a joy- See my update pics at one month of wear in this listing!

SB Foot's Black Klondike leather has been a favorite of mine for years! I have always wanted to design a boot with it, and thankfully I have finally been able to get my hands on some of this legendary leather! 

Black Klondike has most notably been used by Red Wing on their most limited and Japanese releases. The leather is quite popular and this causes the boots made with it to always sell out quite quickly. It's not uncommon to find them on eBay after a release, being sold for an arm and a leg. Klondike possesses top notch teacore patina qualities, a lovely soft sheen and finish, and desirable creasing.

I draw inspiration for this boot from my favorite Red Wing release, the 9060 Flatbox Beckman. It is my hope to honor that boot with my beefed up interpretation.

*Teacore is a quality in which the black surface coat will wear / scuff away to reveal the brown, or "tea" colored core in the leather. 

The Boot-

• Handmade in Indonesia by Santalum (EST 2010)
• SB Foot Black Klondike Leather
• Last no. 5 - Santalum has re-worked their most popular last to have a more rounded almond toe shape.
• Hand-Stitched Veldtschoen Construction (it's like stitchdown and goodyear welt had a baby) with two-tone dark olive & cream colored thread.
  The inner cream thread extends around the toe, and the dark olive outer thread extends 360° around the entire boot.
• The top of the midsole is painted black so that the outer dark olive sole stitching has a stealth appearance and a slimming effect on the silhouette of the boots.
• Brass Nails used throughout.
• Channeled Insole.
• Natural Cork Filler.
• Leather Toe Puff and Heel Stiffener.

• Natural Leather Midsole with Dr. Sole Supergrip Burlap Half Sole
• Natural Low Block Stacked Leather heel with Dr. Sole Supergrip Burlap Heel
• Unstructured Plain Toe or Unstructured Cap Toe available.
• 7 Nickel Plated Brass Eyelets or 5 Eyelets + 2 Speed Hooks available.
• Low Profile Pull-Tab
• Gusseted Tongue
• Each boot's insole is branded with "Made for ________" and your own
  name, for a truly bespoke touch.
• Bottom of sole is stamped with the Pigeon Tree logo on the left boot
  and the Santalum leaf on the right.
• Co-branded shoe box with two dust covers (one for each boot),
  individually branded with the Pigeon Tree and Santalum logos.
• Leather Cougar Laces included.

My goal has always been to deliver a boot with unique details, that still maintains its wearability. In my opinion, this is my most "wearable" boot yet. With a comfortable profile and a leather that won't quit getting better with wear, this is a boot made for your feet. I personally look forward to these being a daily stomper of my own.

My vision for this boot has always been with a plain toe and no speed hooks, but I have made it possible for you to order these with a cap toe and or with speed hooks to your liking.


Please see the two sizing diagrams on this listing and provide the following measurements:

Ball, waist, instep, heel and ankle.

Please trace your foot as instructed in the tracing diagram as well.

And lastly, to ensure there are no sizing mishaps, please provide several examples of sizes from various brands in your footwear collection.

Optional Matching Belt- 

Years ago I created my version of the klondike leather, a hand painted natural Hermann Oak vegtan that I simply call "Painted Black". It is very close to Klondike leather in its sheen and teacore qualities. You can add a matching Painted Black belt to your purchase at a 10% discount. The belt will be paired with nickel quick release hardware to match the eyelets of the boots in either single or my patented double prong version. The last two pictures before the sizing diagrams feature the Painted Black belt with a nickel double prong quick release buckle, and the next image is of a Painted Black belt against the Red Wing Huntsman in black Klondike, demonstrating the teacore qualities of both leathers. Feel free to add the Japanese hardware upgrade to your order as well.

Please note that the belt will be fulfilled and shipped separately from the boots, following roughly the same time schedule, but they may arrive before or after the boots do.


Past collabs have had a 3-4 month turnaround. This will of course depend on how many orders we receive. I put massive emphasis on not rushing a good thing, I would rather them take a little bit of extra time and ensure a perfect boot, than rush them out the door with possible issues. I will be providing updates along the way as soon as they become available!

I will be sending the order details to Santalum as they come in so production can begin immediately.

*Please note that there is a +$20 upcharge for measurements above 29cm

Return Policies and Disclaimers-

• Because the boots are custom sized, they will be final sale. If there's been an error in sizing on our side, we will work to correct the problem as quickly as possible. Please double and triple check all of your measurements so there will be no errors from your side of things.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch and myself or Santalum will be able to offer the info you need.


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