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Pigeon Tree

Numbered Limited Edition Italian Cognac Maremma

Numbered Limited Edition Italian Cognac Maremma

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This is my 15th "numbered limited edition". I don't always use a novel leather for releases like this, but I really do enjoy finding new leathers and am happy to say that this Cognac Maremma is a first for Pigeon Tree. 

Weighing in at the sweet spot of 9-10oz, this full grain vegetable tanned cowhide from the Conceria Puccini tannery in Tuscany, Italy is gorgeous! The leather is lightly glazed to produce a mellow shine, and possesses a firm temper that will hold up very well for daily use as a belt. The aniline finish leaves a tremendous amount of beautiful grain; no character is hidden in this leather, on the contrary, it's magnified and proudly displayed. The grain is more of a visual treat than a textural one, as the leather overall has a very smooth hand feel.

The back is resin finished smooth. I would describe the color as similar to the brown Tarnsjo, but with more sheen and even more character. I simply love how this leather reflects the light around it. This leather contains a ton of pull-up, which is not something found often in the leathers I stock, it is such a beautiful quality and will lead to some very interesting patina as the pull-up effect causes almost an ombre appearance in areas where the lighter core color is "pulled up" to the surface. 

Paired with my 1.5" Made in Japan Patented Double Prong Quick Release Buckle and matching pigeon stamped keeper in solid brass which is secured by my hand-stamped branded Pigeon Tree rivets atop of olive Tarnsjo leather washers. If you want a single prong brass QR buckle, just add the request to your sizing note, there is no difference in price.

This belt release is limited to just 20 numbered pieces. As with previous limited releases, this belt is likely to sell out quickly and it will never be offered again.

As with all belts that I currently make, this belt is guaranteed for life.

This belt is Made to Order and will be delivered within the timeframe of the backlog estimate posted in my website banner. Currently 8-12 weeks.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions.

Handmade in Denver by one person.


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