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Pigeon Tree

Japanese Brass Shackle Keychain

Japanese Brass Shackle Keychain

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Shackles such as the one used on this keychain are traditionally used aboard sailboats for various purposes, such as attaching sails, anchors (shackles come in various sizes!) and other equipment to the boat. I love these shackles, they are such a versatile little piece of hardware that are as functional as they are, in my opinion, aesthetic. 

The shackles that I use on these keychains are solid brass and cast in Japan. They are a raw metal and will develop patina over time.

The leather is attached to the shackle with a branded brass Pigeon Tree rivet, you may remove the shackle by unscrewing it. This keychain is intended to be worn around your belt, as pictured, but it could also be worn around a belt loop or stuffed in your pocket. This style does not allow for easy removal of the keys from the keychain, you must remove the entire leather keychain from wherever it is secured to access your keys. If you want a quick-access keychain, check out some of my other options that utilize scissor snaps.

The pictured leather is Natural Hermann Oak Vegtan which you can expect to darken dramatically over time, it will eventually be as dark as the belt that I am wearing in the fit pic. The width of the leather used on these keychains is approximately 1/2", and it is skived down to be thinner than the standard belt thickness that it starts at.

Other leather choices are from the Tärnsjö tannery in Sweden, I've chosen these options because they are thinner and more flexible than some of my other leathers and make for a good fit with this style of keychain. Tärnsjö is also vegetable tanned and each color will darken and patina.

These, like my other keychains and small goods, are Made to Order, but do not fall under my standard MTO queue. You can expect your keychains to ship within a week or so usually.

Measures approximately 6" from top to bottom of keyring.

Crafted by one person in Denver, CO.

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