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1.5" Painted Black "Teacore" Quick Release Belt

1.5" Painted Black "Teacore" Quick Release Belt

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Red Wing's Klondike leather is infamous for its aging qualities- it wears to brown, with every scuff, the brown core comes through more and more. For several months I tested various methods to match this aging quality. I'm happy to say that I've done it! Starting with 9-10 oz Herman Oak Vegtan, each item is hand painted with a black leather paint, that will with wear, fade/scuff/scratch to the natural core, which will turn more and more brown as it ages. 

Pair with my Japanese made Patented Double Prong or the original 200+ year old Single Prong Quick Release Buckle in any finish.

All quick release belts are made with teardrop holes, which besides the aesthetic difference, will allow the buckle to lie slightly more flat than a round hole, due to the oblong shape of the hole. All hardware finishes will be secured by way of hand-stitching with ritza tiger thread in brown.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions.

All belts unless otherwise stated are Made to Order. You can always find my MTO queue time in my website banner.

Handmade in Denver by one person.


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