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1.5" Japanese Single Prong Quick Release Buckle Wholesale Hardware

1.5" Japanese Single Prong Quick Release Buckle Wholesale Hardware

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Buckle (x50 per lot)

I am very excited to offer my Single Prong Japanese Made Quick Release Buckles for wholesale! These are made from the same molds as my Patented Double Prong QR buckles, by the same Japanese manufacturer. These are without a doubt the highest quality Quick Release Buckles on the market. You will find that these buckles are heftier overall than the others that are available, the pins are thicker and more sturdy and the prongs are thicker as well. I personally guarantee this hardware for life because I believe it will last forever.

I will not be wholesaling my Patented Double Prong QR Buckles at this time, this listing is only for the single prong buckle. Purchase matching keepers here.

My manufacturer has MOQ of 200 pieces for these buckles, however, finishes can be mixed and matched to reach the total. A minimum of 50 pieces per color is required. You will need to check out with some combination of buckles to achieve the 200 MOQ or I will have to cancel your order. Each buckle "lot" is for 50 buckles, if you want 200 of brass, please select 4 lots of brass. You can also select 1 lot of brass, 2 of nickel, and 1 of black nickel, or any combination of your choosing to total at least 200 buckles.

I will allow group-buys, if you can arrange for friends to help you complete the MOQ, let me know and you can each place your orders separately. So long as the total reaches 200 between you. If you are interested in a smaller lot of buckles and don't mind waiting, you can contact me to be put on a list and next time I order a re-stock for myself, I will let you know and you can piggy-back on my next order or another customer's order.

Samples are available individually at an increased cost per buckle, limit of 3 samples per customer. Samples will begin shipping in December.

These are "right-handed" buckles, if you'd like any number of buckles oriented in reverse, please let me know how many via e-mail after your order has been placed.

Price includes shipping from Japan and import taxes, you will not be required to pay any additional duties. The product will be shipped to me, and then forward the shipment to you. You will be charged shipping from me to you.

I have always spent some time perfecting my own buckles before I mount them to a belt, since switching to my Japanese manufacturer the amount of work I put in is less (than my old UK supplier who left things a little bit more rough around the edges), but I do still personally like to watch out for any slight burrs, and I always gently hammer and oil the hinges for a very smooth operation. I will not do this for your order unless requested, which I am happy to do so for an extra fee of $3 per buckle, message me after your order is placed if you would like this "finishing" add-on. 

Approximate turnaround is in the ~3 month range, but my manufacturer's workload is always changing, so do be understanding if that should change at the time of your order. I will update you with the delivery time-line when I receive it.

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