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1.5" J&FJ Baker Natural Oak Bark Harness Quick Release Belt

1.5" J&FJ Baker Natural Oak Bark Harness Quick Release Belt

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Weighing in at an impressive 13-15oz, this leather is an absolute BEAST. It's not only thick though, it is DENSE. Hard like wood and difficult to work with, there's a reason I don't offer this leather often, but my customers sure do love it. Due to the immense thickness of this leather, I have skived (thinned) down the buckle end of the leather, this is to decrease bulkiness, but more importantly, it's so the leather will fit through the metal keeper.

Like natural vegtan, this leather will patina and darken dramatically over time. Due to the oak bark that's used in the tanning process, the leather has a very unusual smell, some people love it, some opt to air the leather outside for a while before they start wearing it, I personally enjoy the smell quite a bit. Not all straps are as blemish-free as the one photographed for the listing, you can expect darker areas and some slight markings, but nothing that will impede on the belt's functionality, and frankly, not more than you could expect from a couple days worth of patina.

For the first time this leather is paired with my Japanese made Patented Double Prong, or the original Single Prong Quick Release Buckles in any of my available finishes: solid brass, nickel plated brass, or black nickel plated brass. 

Solid brass will be secured with my hammered branded rivets, while nickel and black nickel will be hand-stitched with white ritza tiger thread.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions.

Made to Order. Estimated completion date is late January to mid-February.

Handmade in Denver by one person.


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