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1.5" Indigo Leather Japanese Quick Release Belt

1.5" Indigo Leather Japanese Quick Release Belt

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Buckle Style
Hardware Finish

This item is part of the 2024 Indigo Pre-Order! Please refer to the information here for delivery estimates.

This year to help with your leather care habits, I am including a tin of Smith's Leather Balm with every indigo belt sold. As mentioned below, it is crucial to the well-being of my indigo dyed leather products.

The original vat dyed indigo belt is now available with any of my patented double prong or single prong Japanese made quick release buckle finishes: Solid brass, nickel plated brass, or black nickel plated brass. Brass will be riveted, nickel will be secured with Chicago screws, and black nickel will be hand-stitched.

The leather is 9-10oz Herman Oak Vegtan; one of the finest natural leathers around.

This is a true vat-dyed belt, I am not working off of a pre-dyed hide, each belt is individually cut and sized before being dipped into my proprietary blend of natural and synthetic indigo. I start with a natural veg tanned full grain leather belt, and dip dye it into the vat of indigo dye. After the first coat, the belt needs to oxidize, which is what turns the dye from a clear yellow/green, into the deep dark blue that we know and love. Finally, the belt goes through another two-three dips into the vat. 

*There will be variation in indigo tone; different leathers react differently with the indigo dye. 

The result is gorgeous; the grain in the leather shows through the indigo dye, and the color has so many dimensions. This belt is sure to form a wonderful patina overtime. Be warned that because this is natural indigo, though rinsed and treated, it will likely "crock" a bit (the indigo will rub off slightly), this is the nature of indigo, and it's why jeans fade over time. I recommend wearing with blue denim, and avoiding white shirts for several wears or perhaps even all together. Anyone who is familiar with raw denim will know what to expect.

Recommended care is to minimize direct sun exposure and treat frequently with Smith's Leather Balm or a similar wax based leather dressing. The dyeing process leaves the leather quite dry, and though I treat it before sending it out, it will benefit from further treatments. The wax based balm will also help lock in the indigo dye, so to speak.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions. During the dyeing process the leather may shrink, but it should stretch out again with wear. Don't expect a precision fit right off the bat.


Handmade in Denver by one person.


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