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1.5" Horween Chromexcel Quick Release Belt

1.5" Horween Chromexcel Quick Release Belt

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Horween is probably as famous for their Chromexcel as they are for their Shell Cordovan. Most notably used for footwear, Chromexcel is a chrome tanned leather with a semi-aniline finish. It is notoriously soft and stretchy, which makes it a little bit risky for belt-use, but these same qualities make for a VERY comfortable wear. I do my best to account for the stretch in every individual strap that I use, and with a fairly high success rate. It is my goal that the belt will stretch with wear over time so that your measurement lands on the center hole- I make no guarantees and the leather may under or over-stretch from your desired measurement. I am always happy to add more holes and remove excess length if desired.

The above may sound daunting, but I haven't had any complaints, so if a CXL belt is what you are after, you can buy with confidence.

Available in Black, Natural or Color 8. Black is a sort of "teacore" leather, being that it has a lightly-colored tan core underneath the black surface dye. With wear, the core color will star to show through, giving what was once a dark black color a now dusty appearance. Natural will darken to a deeper brown, like a natural vegtan would, and burgundy will also darken over time.

Pair with my Patented Double Prong Quick Release Buckle, or the original single prong quick release buckle that has been around for 200+ years. The manufacturing origin of the hardware is listed next to the buckle style- JP meaning Japan, and ENG for England. The Japanese hardware is of a higher quality than the English made hardware, with slightly thicker elements and an overall higher quality finishing. The Japanese hardware also comes with my signature pigeon stamped keeper.

All quick release belts are made with teardrop holes, which besides the aesthetic difference, will allow the buckle to lie slightly more flat than a round hole, due to the oblong shape of the hole. Hardware will be secured with Pigeon Tree branded rivets for the brass and copper hardware options, while black nickel will be stitched with tonal thread, and nickel will be secured with nickel Chicago screws.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions.

All belts unless otherwise stated are Made to Order. You can always find my MTO queue time in my website banner.

Handmade in Denver by one person.


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