The Golden Pigeon Hunt is a coupon scavenger hunt taking place this Saturday!

The Golden Pigeon Hunt - Everything you need to know!

I wanted to do something special for my birthday this year and give back a bit to the people I am so grateful for, so I came up with "The Golden Pigeon Hunt", a coupon scavenger hunt! 

My intention is for this to be fun and rewarding, and most importantly- without gimmicks! There will be coupons hidden within various product pages on my website. To keep this from being a total read-a-thon, I have hidden "Golden Pigeons" in a random image of the listing that will contain the coupon, so once you find the Golden Pigeon, that is the signifier that the coupon is hidden somewhere in that product page.

A example for visual learners:

Example of the Golden Pigeon being hidden within an image.

So if you were to find the Golden Pigeon as in the image above, you would then search through the text for the coupon code.

Like such (it will not be highlighted for you!):

Some Golden Pigeons are going to be easier to find than others. The word "coupon" will not be used anywhere, so leave your Ctrl-F at home.

The hunt will be on at 10am PST on December 16th. No coupons will be on the website before then so don't waste your time trying to get a leg up on the competition.

There will be 10 coupons in all, totaling $500-

5x $20, 2x $50, and 3x $100

Each coupon is single use and requires no minimum purchase. Coupons will not stack - ONE coupon per purchase. Being that there are only 10 coupons available, I will allow only one coupon use per person, please do not use more than one coupon on multiple purchases, if you ignore this rule, I will cancel all but one of your orders, leaving you with only the lowest coupon value.

I highly recommend having your cart, and billing information READY, because once you find a coupon, it will be a race to use it! A coupon must be used to be taken out of the hunt, it cannot be reserved by any method.

I will do my best to update & remove coupons that have been claimed, but if you happen to find one that has already been used, just move on and continue your hunt!

After you've used a coupon, you can document your hunt on instagram with #thegoldenpigeonhunt 


You may find a coupon in a sold out listing, no product page is off-limits! 

The coupon will always be found in a product listing, not hidden in blog posts or random policy or contact pages etc.

There will only ever be one coupon per product page- 10 coupons, 10 Golden Pigeons to find.

You will not know the dollar amount of the coupon until you enter it into the checkout page. If you find a $20 coupon and decide that you'd like to continue to look for a larger one, you are welcome to do so, but do be aware that someone else might find that same $20 coupon that you originally found and use it before you, and you may not have that one to return to if you strike out finding a bigger one.


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