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1.5" Brass Japanese Twist Belt - You choose the leather!

1.5" Brass Japanese Twist Belt - You choose the leather!

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\I've been asked infrequently, yet consistently over the years for a more standard 1.5" belt option, something for those of you who feel that the quick release (QR) is a bit too fancy for their sensibilities, or just want something to increase the variety in your wardrobe. While I've always had non-QR belt options available, they have always fallen into the slim category, eg: 35mm or below. I am very happy to introduce to you this extremely high-quality option from my Japanese manufacturer, I am calling it the Japanese Twist because of how the metal effortlessly twists as its curve is completed from one end of the heel-bar to the other.

There are a couple of firsts with this release- this is the first time that my pigeon branded keepers are paired with a belt that does not utilize my Patented Japanese Double Prong QR Buckles. Another first is that you are able to pair any of the Japanese bridle leathers with this belt, which were also previously exclusive to the Japanese Edition QR belts.

This is beefy hardware, with a thick prong, so it will only be available with Teardrop holes. Pretty much every leather I have on hand is available for selection, and I can't imagine a bad pairing with this hardware. Pictured with the Natural Japanese Bridle. After selecting your leather from the drop down menu, if applicable, please note your color alongside your measurement in the measurement box. EG: "37" green"

Each belt is secured with my Pigeon Tree branded brass hammered rivets.

Please follow the detailed sizing instructions here. It is normal for the measurement to be several inches larger than your waist or tagged jean size. Sometimes you stumble onto something good itslikefindingmoneyinyourpocket If you have any doubts, please reach out to me with any questions.

Handmade to measure in Denver by one person.

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