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Sahara - Handmade Premium Leather Boot Cuffs by Hoof & Heel

Sahara - Handmade Premium Leather Boot Cuffs by Hoof & Heel

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Pigeon Tree proudly introduces Hoof & Heel! The following listing is in the words of Cara Mangum.

Personally.. I have one pair of boots. I wear them for nights out with friends, hiking with my dogs, and rough and dirty work days. I love my boots so much but I decided I needed some versatility in my footwear!

I have designed and handcrafted these one of a kind boots straps with the intention of creating a rustic and complementary accent to your favorite pair of boots. Each pair has a *Sashiko inspired, wax thread stitching and beautiful leather craftsmanship. Each strap undergoes leather quality assessments, design creation & transfer, precise stitch measurements, strap construction and finally burnishing, to present you with a unique and well crafted accessory that will last. As stated, these items are HAND MADE which is evident on the underbelly of the strap. To ensure the longevity & integrity of the material, I have carefully tied each knot and singed each thread end to improve the durability of the stitching and design structure.  

From the creation of the design, to the construction of the straps, I appreciate the unicity and simplicity of each pair.

Thanks to my wonderful and talented partner, I have been granted access to his excess leather scraps and materials that he couldn't possibly repurpose in a lifetime. Therefore, with your purchase of these beautiful straps, you are using and re-homing premium leather that would otherwise be discarded!

And if I may, I would like to emphasize on the versatility of these accessories. These straps are meant to accentuate the style of all individuals (She, He, Ze, They…)! Personally, it is the small accents of a person’s image that captivate me; the vintage cufflinks on your dress shirt, the chambray lining on the collar of your favorite flannel, or even just the extra row of stitching on the back pocket of your most heavily worn jeans.
It’s all in the details!

Each set of straps is handmade to order and custom sized. The design will be proportioned according to the size of the strap, so may not be exactly as represented, but trust that it will be done in a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing way.

This particular strap was made with a beautiful dark brown Swedish Tarnsjo leather that in my opinion, mimics a sort of wood-like grain! Stunning and full of depth, I've paired this leather with a waxed yellow and green thread and topped it all off with solid brass 'S' clasps (nickel silver or copper 'S' clasps are available upon request as well). This design is one of my favorites as it reminds me of the sun breaking over the beautiful evergreens of Oregon. Simple and vivid, these straps add a South Western or (Pacific North Western) flair to your favorite boots.

For each strap, I have chosen a leather and thread color that I find complementary, but if you would like to tweak either of those elements, I would be happy to work with you.

To order, first take your favorite pair of boots and measure the circumference of where you will want the strap to lie. Order the corresponding size and let me do the rest! If your needed size is not listed (eg; kids sizes) I can work within your needs, just shoot me an e-mail.

All boot cuffs are made to order and have a turnaround time of roughly 2-3 weeks.

Strap width is 1.5"

*Sashiko is the age old Japanese art of single needle stitching.
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