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Antique Quick Release Belt

Antique Quick Release Belt

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I was fortunate enough to get my hands on 12 original antique brass quick release buckles. I have no way of accurately dating these, but they could easily be anywhere from 80-100+ years old. The quick release buckle was originally used by firefighters to buckle the firehose!

The gentleman from England who sold me these buckles told me that they were hanging in the wall in his father’s pub for many years, and they were already antiques when his pop acquired them! A real piece of history these buckles.

I have cleaned up the buckles delicately and then applied a light layer of oil in order to preserve the original patina on these beauties. No two buckles are exactly alike, patina will vary from buckle to buckle.

The buckles measure at just under 1.25"

A special buckle requires a special leather. I've sourced some Old World Harness from Hermann Oak which clocks in at a thick 12-13oz. This leather has a great vintage vibe that pairs exceptionally well with the patina'd brass!

Hand stitched with beige Ritza Tiger thread and paired with a matching leather keeper.

Make sure you measure accurately according to my diagram, the buckles and leather are extremely limited and correcting sizing errors after the fact will be very challenging.

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