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.925 Sterling Silver 'S' Clasp Cuff - Green Tärnsjö

.925 Sterling Silver 'S' Clasp Cuff - Green Tärnsjö

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To go along with the .925 Sterling Silver belt release, I've also created a .925 sterling 'S' clasp, using the same Lost Wax Casting technique

The .925 sterling hardware has been custom cast for me in London using the "Lost Wax Casting" technique, which is a 6000 year old technique and is a way more involved and special process than a traditional casting. A mould of the hardware is created out of wax and then placed into an inner mould of latex or some other material, molten silver is poured into this mould and the wax disappears and is replaced by the sterling silver. Hence why it is called "lost wax casting". After the pieces are cast, they have to be de-sprued (remove the pieces that stick out from where the silver was poured in), and then hand polished.

Paired with the beautiful green leather from the Tärnsjö tannery in Sweden, but due to the extremely exclusive nature of this hardware, I will happily pair it with any leather that I currently carry. Just let me know. Price remains the same.|

All cuffs now come with a small pigeon branded stamp! (Natural JFJ cuff shown to demonstrate)

Leather measures just under .5" wide

Measure your wrist snugly when taking size into consideration.

Small fits up to 6.5" wrist
Medium fits up to 7" wrist
Large fits up to 7.5" wrist

If you need a custom one made for a different wrist size, write me!

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