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35mm Tärnsjö Japanese Garrison Belt Tarnsjo

35mm Tärnsjö Japanese Garrison Belt Tarnsjo

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I'm really pleased to finally be offering all of my Tärnsjö leather colors with the Japanese Garrison Buckles. Previously only available when paired with my sterling silver buckle option, you can now order this leather with my Quick Release buckles or my two Japanese Brass Garrison Buckle styles.

At just a few mm shy of 1.5", this belt falls into a very appealing width somewhere between 1.25" and 1.5".

Choose between the two pictured Garrison buckle styles, A or B.  A being rectangular in shape and B being square. Both are stellar options and are made in Japan using the highest grade solid brass. *Belt is pictured with buckle style A, regular holes and any color Tärnsjö leather.

The buckle is secured with hand-stitched Ritza Tiger thread in two-tone complementary colors of my choice.

Please measure one of your old belts using the diagram pictured above. The system that I use is the most accurate method of measurement, and involves measuring from the end of the buckle prong, to the hole that fits you best (this method accounts for any difference in length between your buckle and mine). You can add your measurement in the measurement section above, or you can shoot me a message thereafter.

Handmade to measure in Denver by one person.

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