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Pigeon Tree

1.5" Green Tea-Core Painted Green Belt

1.5" Green Tea-Core Painted Green Belt

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Inspired by my Painted Black belt, this belt will age in a very similar fashion. Tea-Core refers to a leather that with wear will eventually reveal a brown core beneath whatever the surface color is, in this case it's green, hence the name "Green Tea-Core"!

This belt is made with 9-10oz Hermann Oak Natural Vegetable Tanned leather which has been hand painted by yours truly. This particular shade of green is very difficult to photograph accurately, I would describe it as a lowly saturated, almost creamy olive color. It's very wearable and will only look better with age. The patina that I demonstrate in one of the images is just a glimpse of what you can expect, as the vegtan leather ages the core color will become darker and darker brown, making for a very interesting evolution. Paired with a matching leather keeper.

Forgive the lack of a proper product photo, but all belts with leather keepers will now come stamped with my pigeon logo.

Available with either my Patented Double Prong Quick Release Buckle or the classic single prong quick release that has been around for over 200 years.

Upgrade to my new Patented Japanese Made Double Prong Quick Release Buckle by adding this listing to your order.

The Double Prong Quick Release Buckle features the same quick release action that you're familiar with. Simply flick down on the lever and the belt will come undone. The tension keeps it buckled, and it will never come undone on its own.

The buckle hardware is made in England. The solid brass and solid copper options will develop a striking patina over time and will be paired with matching brass or copper branded "Pigeon Tree" rivets. The Nickel Plated Brass option will be secured with Nickel Chicago Screws.

To order this belt, please measure one of your old belts using the diagram pictured above. The system that I use is the most accurate method of measurement, and involves measuring from the end of the buckle prong, to the hole that fits you best (this method accounts for any difference in length between your buckle and mine). You can add your measurement in the measurement section above, or you can shoot me a message thereafter.

Handmade in Denver by one person.



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