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Pigeon Tree

1.5" .925 Sterling Silver Double Prong Quick Release Belt - Green Tärnsjö Tarnsjo

1.5" .925 Sterling Silver Double Prong Quick Release Belt - Green Tärnsjö Tarnsjo

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This listing is temporarily deactivated due to an increase in the cost of silver and labor.

It is my tremendous pride and pleasure to announce that I was officially granted the patent on my Double Prong Quick Release Buckle design! I wanted to do something very special for this announcement, and what is more special than a solid .925 sterling silver version of that very buckle.

The .925 sterling hardware has been custom cast for me in London using the "Lost Wax Casting" technique, which is a 6000 year old technique and is a way more involved and special process than a traditional casting. A mould of the buckle (or in this case, 5 separate moulds for just one buckle!!) is created out of wax and then placed into an inner mould of latex or some other material, molten silver is poured into this mould and the wax disappears and is replaced by the sterling silver. Hence why it is called "lost wax casting". After the pieces are cast, they have to be de-sprued (remove the pieces that stick out from where the silver was poured in), hand polished and then hand assembled.

I went all out on this belt, not only is the buckle created this way, but I also had them cast the keeper as well as rivets, which I then hand stamp with "Pigeon Tree". This belt is 100% .925 sterling silver + leather, no other metals were used, and there is no plating.

The Double Prong Quick Release Buckle features the same quick release action that you're familiar with. Simply flick down on the lever and the belt will come undone. The tension keeps it buckled, and it will never come undone on it's own.

The leather is an incredible 8-9oz green vegetable tanned leather from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. It has a gorgeous depth of color and truly compliments the silver in a way that exceeds even my own high expectations. It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Tärnsjö, the four colors that I carry are definitely my favorites that I currently stock.

Due to the extremely exclusive nature of this hardware, I will pair it with any leather that I currently have upon request. The price does not change. Please let me know if you would like another leather.

You can expect the leather and silver to patina relentlessly. Silver develops a wonderful patina with use, but of course it is easy to polish if you feel so inclined.

To order this belt, please measure one of your old belts using the diagram pictured above. The system that I use is the most accurate method of measurement, and involves measuring from the end of the buckle prong, to the hole that fits you best (this method accounts for any difference in length between your buckle and mine). You can add your measurement in the measurement section above, or you can shoot me a message thereafter.

Due to the extremely high cost of the hardware, the buckles will be cast to order. Depending on the workload at the foundry, I would expect a 2-3 month turnaround.

Pictured with the .925 Sterling Silver 'S' Clasp bracelet, which can be found here.

Handmade in Denver by one person.




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