Collection: 2023 Indigo Pre-Order

The 2023 Indigo Pre-Order has concluded. This is a once a year annual event, and your one opportunity this year to purchase some of my famed indigo dyed leather goods.

ALL items within the Indigo Pre-Order will be considered Made to Order and will not abide by the same queue time in my banner. I will begin fulfilling orders between September and November 2023. I repeat, no indigo orders will be fulfilled before September.

The next Pre-Order period will start roughly in the Spring-Summer of 2024.

Previously I had indigo items available year round. That method became difficult to sustain. Being that I do so much more than just work with indigo, maintaining an indigo vat year-round was difficult (especially now that I live in a state that goes below freezing part of the year!), as was setting time aside every week or two to go and dye just a couple of items. This method streamlines my process quite a bit, and allows me to continue to offer my signature indigo pieces to the public!

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